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Additional Services and Supplies


Sometimes adding a little something extra to your landscape can make it feel like a whole new space!

Please feel free to call or email for a consultation or quote for one of the many features you can add to your landscape:

Renovations, Replacements, Remodels


At any given time your yard is in decline, sometimes it just needs a

re-boot. That can include anything from tearing out existing sod, trees, underperforming and overgrown shrubs or be as simple as adding new and colorful accent plants to an existing landscape.


If you just acquired the home and want to make the yard your own, we can help you create your preferred surroundings.


Need to lower the water bill? Remove old sod and curbing and replacing the area with decomposed granite and some low water use plants and cactus.

Plants, plants, plants!

Our favorite part of your landscape are the plants.  We are Desert Botanical Garden Certified and love what we do.  We will help you choose native grown plants that are desert adapted and require less water than something brought in from outside our area.  We can help you choose low maintenance, low water, summer color, or even shade loving plants.  We will work with you to understand what has the most chance of success in your yard and our sometimes extreme environmental conditions.  Let us help you choose the most enjoyable and manageable palate for your space.

Lighting, Boulders, Rock refresh and more


There are so many ways to make your landscape really pop, set it apart from the neighbors or just make it more unique.  Mounds and boulders in a yard always help give it texture, lighting is the perfect accent to give special attention to your favorite elements or light a darkened walkway.  Extra shade trees cool your property and accent color helps you show off your yard to passers by.  Even just a new layer of rock is like a fresh coat of paint on the yard, and the attention to detail that consistent maintenance and tree trimming can do for your landscape will make for a more pleasant environment for you and your family.

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