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The single most important element in your landscape!

Conserve  precious resources

Start with a quality product for longer life and reliable service:

  • Hunter Xcore 4, 6 and 8 Station Timers

  • Hydrawise Bluetooth Timer options

  • Hydrawise in line Hydra Flow real time water usage metering system.

  • Febco Copper Backflow/Vaccum Breaker Valves

  • Professional grade irrigation valves for drip and sprinkler lines including the ever important pressure reducer and filter on drip lines

  • Rainbird rotary heads for lawn sprinkler systems

  • Rainbird PC Bug xeri emitters (species specific, gph appropriate) underground for added protection from animals and weather

  • Ask about our limited warranty on many new components

  • Typical Line Replacement includes:

Hunter X Core 4 Station Timer


Rainbird Irrigation Valve and Agrifirm Drip Zone Kit

½” Poly drip irrigation supply line and ¼” distribution tubing 

Rainbird PC Bug xeri emitters (species specific, gph appropriate) to supply water to all plant material.

**Optional Upgrade to Hunter Hydrawise Bluetooth timer and Hydraflow Meter System with real time monitoring.

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