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Irrigation System Replacement


From start to finish, you need quality components and trained technicians to help with your irrigation needs

New Components

Start with a quality product for longer life and reliable service:

  • Hunter and Irritrol  4, 6 and 8 Station Timers

  • Febco Copper Backflow/Vaccum Breaker Valves

  • Commercial grade irrigation valves for drip and sprinkler lines with filters and pressure reducers to protect your investment.

  • Virgin Resin Poly Supply line and high quality distribution tubing

  • Rainbird rotary heads for lawn sprinkler systems

  • Rainbird underground emitters for pest and weather proof lines

  • Ask about our limited warranty on many new components

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Irrigation System Replacements 
  • A fraction of the cost of a plumber

  • Replacement is the only answer to leaks and high use systems

  • Quality replacement parts hand selected by licensed contractor

  • Educated technicians to repair and replace your worn out or damaged equipment with new reliable materials

  • Always friendly service from a uniformed technicians

  • Experienced staff, able to answer your questions

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Sometimes it's the little things...

Like a knowledgeable foreperson to answer your questions, or a Licensed Irrigation Specialist to walk you through the process of setting your timer...

  • Irrigation Consultation starting at $125

  • Irrigation Tune Ups starting at $275

  • Timer Replacement starting at $275

  • Valve Replacement starting at $175

  • Whole line replacements starting at $1850

  • Call for a quote for your unique situation, we are here to help

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