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Maintenance Programs

Our Maintenance Programs offer the homeowner peace of mind regarding their outdoor spaces.

Below are some things you should know about our services.

Maintenance 101

The Basics


Our goal is to maintain your yard in a condition that creates an enjoyable and relaxing environment for you.  We will meet with you to listen to your preferences, give you advice and suggestions to help you understand the needs of Arizona plants and trees, and set you up on a maintenance schedule that fits both your budget and the health and beauty of your yard.  If along the way you would find yourself in need of additonal services, that is always an option.  We are here to help.

What to expect

General Services


Once we have replaced the irrigation system on your property, we "maintain" your yard.  This includes trimming the bushes, groundcovers, and vines, trimming the canopy of your trees to a height of 8 feet*, blowing debris from porches and patios, grooming granite areas and taking away all debris.  We do all of this in the spirit of the health of the plants and the yard overall.  An example of this is that we do not "hedge cut" trees, as this would not be beneficial to the overall health of your investment.


Our prices are based on a "year round" rate, and this accounts for longer more debris laden visits in the Summer months, and shorter more specialized visits in the Winter months.  Excess debris or frost damage removal may be additional, services do not include treating weeds or extensive tree work.


Additional Services

Please ask about our additional services such as:

  • Tree services, from Monsoon readiness trimming and frost damage removal, to tree replacements

  • Irrigation services, including tune-ups, troubleshooting, system upgrades or replacement of worn components.

  • Plant Replacement, when frost or heat does a number on your yard, we can help with a wide variety of Arizona grown replacement plants, cactus, trees and groundcover

  • Rock (Granite) Installation, nearly every size and color, delivered and installed

  • Lighting, the low voltage finishing touch on any yard!

  • NOW Offering Sound!! Ask about our bluetooth sound system!

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